Sep 11, 2019
Dr. Hayland ICU Md. At Queens
Making ethical and value based end of life Plans earlier in our life cycle

Dr Heyland is an ICU doc and Queen’s researcher.

He is Director, Clinical Evaluation Research Unit at KGH.

He comes to us from Alberta once a month to continue his research on how to make ethical and value based end of life plans earlier in our life cycle so that when crisis or end of life becomes a factor, we know what is of value to us.


He has been putting together research on maximizing your life cycle. Example, he might collect my information and compare it to others at the same age and say I’m at this level of the life cycle scale, low thru high in terms of health. If I make these changes, I can move up the scale of health and result in a longer, better lifeline.


He also has a research initiative that assists every user in decisions should loss of capacity take place. –could be a coma for a couple of days to permanent capacity loss. He walks us through complex thought to understand what matters to each of us. His focus is to have as many people as possible complete this process. The take away would be for the Rotary members as individuals to agree to complete. That would likely be his request.