May 01, 2019
Julia Patelli
Founding of Kingston Frontenac Rotaract Club

Julia Patelli and her friend have proposed the founding of a Rotaract Club at their HighSchool.  They have a teacher who is willing to be the Rotary representative and supervisor and our Club is being asked to be the sponsoring Club.  

Julia wrote to us:  

After being so kindly sponsored by your Rotary Club to go to RYLA last year, I was inspired to start up an Interact club at my home school LCVI. Currently, we have a club called World Action; in this club we raise funds to give back to community organisations and participate in various initiatives. Although this club is doing good things for our school and community, we want to do more and make a bigger impact. By enrolling our club as a Interact club, we hope to achieve this. After doing my homework about Interact, I've discovered that we need a local Rotary Club to sponsor us (this is where you come in). 
My classmate Joy, who has done most of the facilitating of events with the club, along with myself would like to come to your Rotary Club to present our idea and hopefully sway you to support us in this endeavour.