May 08, 2019
Kraig Everord WPBS
WPBS Director of Programming for Public Broadcasting at WPBS that Broadcasts into Kingston

Kraig  directs  programming and development teams at WPBS, the PBS station serving Northern New York and Eastern Ontario for 60+ years. He says "Over 70% of our viewers and donors are Canadian and so this would be a great opportunity to meet an important segment of our audience.

Our mission is to be the trusted media source for lifelong education, entertainment, and information to our two-nation region through quality content, partnerships, and service that inspires those we serve.

My presentation is 15-minutes and gives a brief history of the station, station operations, and a review of our strategic plan. I’m also interested in hearing feedback from your Club members as you are leaders in the community.

I look forward to learning how, together, we can make a transformational impact on the communities we serve"