Apr 24, 2019
SHYRA BARBERSTOCK President Okwaho Equal Source
Okwaho an Indigenous social network connecting First Nations to global Indigenous community.

Shyra Barberstock – Co-Founder, Okwaho Equal Source


As President and Chief Executive Officer of Okwaho Equal Source, Shyra plays a pivotal role as ambassador and external relations specialist for her company. An academic at heart, Shyra is currently pursuing her PhD in Geography and Planning at Queen’s University, with a research focus on Indigenous social innovation and community building. With a wealth of knowledge in Indigenous economic development and entrepreneurship, Shyra plays an integral role in Indigenous corporate leadership, education, research, and Indigenous relations consulting for Okwaho Equal Source. Shyra is Anishinaabe and a proud member of Kebaowek First Nation in Kipawa, Quebec.


Okwaho Equal Source Inc.


Okwaho Equal Source is a highly sought-after global leader and change agent in Indigenous-inspired social innovation, social enterprise, social finance, and social procurement models in Canada and Australia. Okwaho Equal Source’s mission is to fuel social, economic, and environmental impact via the Indigenous empowerment and inclusion of diverse entrepreneurs and Indigenous-owned enterprises. With global headquarters in Canada and Australia, the company has elevated its global network and consultancy status to include an impressive cadre of seasoned academic, community, environmental and industry advisors and professionals from Canada, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Okwaho Equal Source is proudly 100% Indigenous owned and operated.