The Next 25 Years - 1996-2021


A Brief History of the

Rotary Club of Kingston-Frontenac

Celebrating the next Twenty-FiveYears of "Service Above Self’

Chartered May 4, 1966

May 6, 2021


The history project began in late 2020 as the world was deep into Covid 19 and I had moved from Kingston to Toronto. felt that the 30 year history compiled by the late Clay Elston needed to be updated especially in view of the Kingston Rotary Club Centennial Celebration starting July 1st, 2020 and ending July 1st, 2021.

My intent was to follow the format of the initial history and add 25 years of activity so that it would not be lost. Articles written for The Kingston Whig Standard have been most helpful and Bulletins and Rota Tellers supplied by Gord Lindsay, Jim Reid and Fred Richmond have provided a deeper reflection into the workings of the club. Additional discussions with other club members as well as senators Bernie Breen, Gord Lindsay, Jim Reid, Jack Chong, Russ Phin, Heather Ford and Fred Richmond proved very valuable for accuracy and completeness.



General History

Our club is guided by the Rotary Motto 'Service Above Self' which was finally adopted by Rotary International in 2010 after many revisions in 1950, 1989 and 2004.

We continue to recognize the 4 Objects of Rotary; The 4 Way Test and the Rotarian Code of Conduct as we focus on the 7 Causes we support.

In researching the history project it became evident the success of the club has always been a robust, involved and dedicated membership which provided leadership to the many fund raising and service projects in the community.

Since 1996 the Kingston Frontenac Club has seen the Kingston Waterfront Club started in July 2011 as a satellite to the Kingston Cataraqui Club and became a full fledged club in 2015.

In addition the Rotaract Queen's Club was developed by the Kingston Club in 1993 as well as the Rotaract Community Club in 2020.

All 4 Kingston clubs continue to work with the two Rotaract clubs as well as Rotary area clubs in Napanee and Gananoque.

Over the 56 years there have been 52 presidents (8 are still active in the club) .

Joan Patterson 2002-'03 was the first woman president and was followed by 7 other women.

4 members have served 2 terms as president: Bill Murray, Paul Charbonneau, Aggie Haydock and

Daniel Geleyn. It is noteworthy that Larry Foster and Zully Hemani also served as presidents in other Rotary clubs.


Kingston-Frontenac List of Club Senators

Member                                  Years of Service in 2021                         Club President

Bernie Breen*                                          55                                                    73-74

Gord Lindsay                                          44                                                       -

Fred Richmond**                                   42                                                      85-86

Jack Chong                                             36                                                      -

Jim Reid                                                   34                                                      95-96

Russ Phin                                                 28                                                      98-99

Heather Ford                                           26                                                       06-07

* Charter Member, 1966

** Perfect Attendance


The following are a few dates noteworthy for the club.

2007 August : Rotary Anns celebrate their 80th anniversary

2008 From 1990 - 2008 Bulletin Editor Gord Lindsay added editorials on club excellence that helped Guide the club

2010 June: Rotary International Conference held in Montreal

2017 August : In 2017 the Kingston Frontenac Senators were celebrated.

Bill Murray, former president '78-'79 and brother-in-law of Bernie Breen left the club after

40 years of membership and great service.

Zully Hemani president of the club organized WORLD PARTNERSHIP WALK in Kingston for the Aga Khan Foundation and raised $21,000.

2018 Joan Patterson leaves the club to go to B.C. after 21 years in Rotary (19 with KF) and Paul Harris Fellowship Awards (5)

2020 December: The club celebrates Tony Doherty' s 90th birthday via Zoom singing 'Happy Birthday "

2021 January 6: U.S. Congress attacked by mob.


April: Holger Knaack Rotary International President commented " Rotary' s leadership is united in stating that Rotary does not tolerate speech or behaviour that promotes bias, discrimination, prejudice , or hatred because of age, ethnicity, race , colour, abilities, religion, socio-economic status, culture , sex, sexual orientation , or gender identity . There is no place within Rotary for racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, classism or ageism. We do not believe that this is a political stance and we do believe that we should openly discuss these issues within our organization."

In 1988 Rotary International voted to allow women into Rotary. Seven year s later in November 1994 the first women joined our club: Cynthia Ormsby, Kim Bridgeman , Jennifer Browne and Diana Davies. Seven years late r in 2002-3 Joan Patterson became the first woman president of the club. Since that date 7 more women have become president and women now make up 40% of club membership.

In 1917-18 Dr. Pidgeon from Winnipeg was the first Canadian president of Rotary International.

In 2022, July 1st Jennifer Jones from Windsor-Roseland Rotary Club in Windsor, Ontario will become the first woman to become President of Rotary International - also a Canadian.

In June 2000 Fred Richmond received the new Rotary International Award for outstanding service in the 4 Avenues of Service .

In October, 2005 an inaugural mile long walking path (THE EXTRA MILE) in the heart of Washington, D.C. honouring the actions and service of famous Americans who have transformed the nation and the world. The re were 33 inductees including Paul Harris , founder of Rotary. This was celebrated by President George Bush Jr.

The  Bronze  Medallion reads " Inspire by  th Simple  Idea  of  Combining   Fellowshi and  Service  Pau Harris pioneered  th service club movement with th foundin of  Rotar International .   Rotar fulfille his dream of a worldwide organization of business and   professional   people serving their communities   and   promoting international understanding .   Rotary continues to expand global horizons through its educational programs and offers hope through its humanitarian efforts and public health campaigns - service above self "

Our member, Jim Reid continues to successfully guide James Reid Limit ed, a Kingston tradition into 6 generations of ownership while continuing to financially support many local charities. In 2008 Jim was made Lieutenant Colonel of The 214 Electronic Warfare Regiment in Kingston. In 2012 he received t he Queen' s Diamond Jubilee Medal for his work in the Regiment . In 2015 he was made Honourary Colonel.


Club Committees

Community Service

Legacy Projects

Over the last 25 years Kingston Frontenac has supported or contributed to support for 4 signature or legacy projects: Rotary Park; Fairmount Home; Hospice Kingston and Cataraqui Conservation Project .

Rotary Park

In 2004 three Kingston clubs combined, led by Fred Richmond to organize and upgrade facilities in the Park to commemorate the 2005 Rotary Centennial celebration. On August 25th ,   2004 a large Rotary plaque was unveiled during a barbeque and was upgraded at the Rotary Park entrance and commemorated in the presence of many government dignitaries with Perry Bamji as chair of the Centenary Committee. We added two new swings designed for physically challenged children, repainted all playground equipment, added new park benches and tables on concrete pads (gifts from Rotarians), 3 wheelchairs, accessible picnic tables (each from the three Rotary clubs), pathway widened and paved for better accessibility and a refreshed Totem Pole. Overgrown brush was removed and replenished and improved signage was made. It should be noted that benches already in the park were dedicated for Erle Allan and Martin Reid.

More recently there are two Kingston Rotary Centennial projects that will be enjoyed in Rotary Park. A

156 square foot Rotary Centennial Butterfly Garden has been constructed to attract Monarch butterflies. Planting will take place in spring 2021 to encourage butterfly population growth and preservation of native plant species. Rotary Park will also be the home for 21 trees that will be planted in a circle by local Rotarians.

Fairmount Home

In 1968 the K-F began its association with Fairmount Home and in 2018 celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

Roger Candy Park (behind Fairmount Home). Improvements were made, driven by Don Hart and Gord Lindsay.

In April 2006 the club committed $15,000. to the FH Capital Fund (from Kingston-Frontenac Club and Earl Allan Trust Fund (EATF)). In June 2006 our club won the Ontario Volunteer Service Award as nominated by Fairmount Home for+he Aged.

The original '3 Amigos' that supported the FH Bingo and social event functions were Gord Lindsay, Clay Elston and Don Hart. They were replaced more recently by Murray Matheson, John Mirski and Don Taylor.

Hospice Kingston

A fundraising project to support the palliative care (10 beds) hospice began in 2005 and raised $11,500,000 . for their 44 hospices in Ontario. Kingston-Frontenac Rotary club donated over $100,000. from 2018 to 2020.

Cataraqui Conservation Project

In 2005 CRCA purchased a portion of the wetland and in 2007 Bernie Breen led a group to raise $1,000.000. towards the acquisition of a 1,000 acre piece of land of the Bayview Wetland. This wetland was part of an estate of W.J. Henderson. Bernie suggested that the club commit to $25,000. which was comprised of $12,500. from the club and $12,500. from EATF. Subsequently our club acted to replace the boardwalk.

Centennial Project

The Centennial Project celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Kingston Rotary Club (1921-2021) and was celebrated by all Kingston clubs under the banner of 100 Years of Rotary in Kingston. The planning started in October of 2017 and celebrations ran from July l5t, 2020 to July pt 2021. A proclamation for the year of Rotary (see club website) was made by Kingston Mayor, Bryan Paterson .

55 articles were written by the 4 Kingston Rotary clubs to outline the history of Rotary in Kingston and the work of all the clubs and was published by The Whig Standard as 'Weekly Reflections' and later in 2021 available as a book. In addition on April l5t, 2021 a presentation plaque was dedicated and erected at The Blue Martini, the former site of the Hotel Frontenac to commemorate the first meeting of the Kingston Club in May 1921.

In addition all 4 Kingston Rotary clubs and 2 Rotaract clubs came together in 2021 to work closely with KEYS Job Centre to support newcomers to Kingston.

Community Service Projects

Our club and EATF have supported in 2009 $10,000. for physio equipment at KGH. Also in 2021 $5,000. for food preparation and storage for Lionhearts.

In the late '80s when Gord Lindsay was Community Service Director the club arranged financial support to have dentists and a dental surgeon completely transform a local youth's deformed jaw to provide a handsome young man's face.

The club has always supported partners who service the charitable food need in Kingston. Prior to Covid 19 our John Evans in support of Paul Elsley of the Kingston club supported Isthmus -  a food sharing project supplying food directly to 4 schools and 200 students. When Covid 19 hit in March 2021 the focus shifted to delivering meals directly to the same children but in their homes due to school lockdown and the focus for online learning.

In November 1998 in its 10th year a 10 day Festival of Trees was held to raise funds for those in need of medical treatment at the 3 Kingston hospitals. 1400 local volunteers were mustered as well as busloads of help from New York state and Eastern Ontario. This was Kingston's largest food raising event at the time.

Two ploughing matches were held in 1977 and 1998 as fund raising events. Who knows what the future holds? in 2015 we donated $5,000. to Junior Achievement for their youth work.

The club has provided more recently under Don Taylor financial support to the following groups: Loving Hands - St. Vincent de Paul - Council on Aging -Almost Home - -Tree of Hope - Martha's Table Helen Tufts Nursery School - Help for Fi nn. -4  Paws -

We also provide support to the RKY (Rotary-Kiwanis-YMCA) Camp. In 2017 a $2.5 million restoration project including a new dining hall was started and to be completed in 2021. Our club has participated in the Rotary Centennial Project to upgrade the  waterfront.  In 2019 the  camp housed 733 young campers from the Kingston area.  In 2019 there was a multi year project to replace old cabins and upgrade infrastructure

We also supplied volunteer support to: Salvation Army - Blood Drives - Habitat Building Days - Craft Fairs and the Robinson Garden Food Project (supplying food to Food Security Kingston).

In May of 2000 Joan Patterson raised $16,000. for Kingston Literacy with a spelling bee contest.

Not all ideas materialize into projects. As an example Dave Farrow in 2000 suggested the creation of a retirement residence for seniors in Kingston to be called Rotary House or Rotary Place. He was just a little ahead of the times as retirement living facilities improved in the following years.

The KF club continues to build partnerships in Kingston not only advertising on our website and social media but also with agencies we support with financial and sweat equity help.

Ways and Means

The Ways and Means Committee is charged with developing sources of income and meeting community needs.

Kingston theatre has a long history dating back to 1952 but Domino theatre started in 2012.  At that time the club started a Cabaret Night of food and entertainment which yielded $8-12,000. per year to the club under the leadership of Murray Matheson. The Night had to be cancelled in 2020 due to Covid 19 but hopefully can resume in 2021.

Our first Bingo was in October 1980 to help us meet our debt obligation arising from developing Rotary Park.

In August 2007 OLG tested out a new Bingo concept in Kingston and since that time with the help of many of our members has been a good source of revenue to support out local charities. During the Covid period with gaming shut down the government support to our club continued in return for our charity work updates to them. We look forward to getting back to normal activity and supporting their volunteer requirements. In 2020 the name was changed from Treasure Chest Bingo to Play, Gaming and Entertainment.

2023 will be the 60th anniversary of the very successful partnership between Queens pt year Engineering frosh students and Kingston Rotary Club's selling nuts door to door. In the past few years our club led by John Mirski has supported successful nut drives in the community that yielded $5 - 8,000. per year for our club. Although much effort was made online during Covid, promotion  became  difficult  and we look forward to interact  with the student  body  and committee as soon as possible.

In co-operation with MaxSoldOnlineAuctioneers, Anne Desgagnes in 2019 with the help of many volunteers including Daniel and Sharon Geleyn, Russ Phin, John Mirski and her husband Trevor Dagilis (a former Kingston Rotary club member who in March of 2021 joined our club) raised $5,000. In 2020 during Covid Anne led four auctions and brought in


In 2013 the Cash Calendar was started at the Napa nee club and our club assisted in sales. Later production was taken over by the Kingston club with the help of 5 local Rotary clubs. In 2020 in spite of Covid, Kingston Frontenac sold 240 calendars yielding $2,400.

The 50/50 Draw combined with the Card Draw continued from 1996 as a financial support for club administration and charities. During Covid in 2020-'21 online draws were held on Zoom and contributed much needed funds to the club, once face to face meetings resume the 50/50 again will be a steady source of revenue to subsidize our fellowship .

It should be noted that in September 2007 Tony Doherty was the biggest winner ever of 50/50 and pocketed $2,056..

In 2008 Jack Chong and others organized very successful golf tournaments recognized for their excellent barbeque steaks (apres golf).

In 2017 Gord Lindsay produced two books and over the last few years has generously donated some of the royalties to the club.

Erle Allan was a charter member of Kingston Frontenac and started the ERLE ALLAN TRUST FUND with $20,000. In 1974. The fund grew both from other  donations  and from the amalgamation  of  another fund of $250,000.   In 2000 organized by Jack Chong. In the last few years the Fund has supported many projects through Rotary and beyond such as:

2011 - $75,000 - Fairmont Home (Rotary Hall)

2013 - $30,000 - Cataraqui Conservation Authority - Foot Bridge

2014 - $10,000 - Joe's Mill - Musical instruments lending library

2015 - $5,000 - Partners in Mission Food Bank

2016 - $100,000 - HOSPICE KINGSTON - Capital Project

2018 - $20,000 - St. Lawrence College - Capital Project

2018 - $20,000 - St.Lawrence College - Bursary


Youth and Vocational Services

Youth Service (New Generations of Youth) was officially added by Rotary International as the 5th Area of Service in 2010.

In 2021 Rotary International President Holger Knaack stated "There is no difference between Rotary Clubs and Rotaract Clubs except perhaps age. We are equals and should build a future together". At the present time there are two Rotaract Clubs in Kingston, the Queen's Rotaract Club founded in 1993 and the Kingston Rotaract Community Club founded in 2020. Both were endorsed by the Kingston Rotary Club and we support both Rotaract Clubs by helping with their yearly fundraising events as well as mentoring to their members through webinars and assisting them with their meetings and organizations. Thanks to Daniel Geleyn and John Mirski.

In November of 2021 the 50th anniversary of Interact was held and in November 2022 a 60th anniversary will be held. In 2017 the  club under Zully Hermani tried unsuccessfully to  introduce Interact program at Odessa and Sydenham high schools. During Covid, schools were shut down and no further progress was made. With the continued vigour of our Youth Committee efforts and hopefully with schools fully open in 2021-22 more progress can be made to implement Interact programs. A new program called Earlyact will be formally announced shortly by Rotary to aim at elementary schools (under age 12).

We continue to support 5 high schools every year each with a $500. Scholarship.

From 2018 - 2020 the RYLA Conference was held in Kingston and we were very active in its organization with a barbeque being held in Rotary Park. In 2021 RYLA will celebrate its 50th Anniversary and the conference will be held in Montreal via Zoom.

In March 2000 the club supported the refurbishing of the gym at the Boys and Girls Club as part of the Millenium project under Bob Chippier and supported by all Kingston clubs. In mid 2000 Roni Fortune led us in a clean up of the Garden Construction effort in the Band G back yard.

We have supported St. Lawrence College with several bursaries of $500. per bursary yearly over the last 20 years with assistance from then College Associate Dean Russ Phin.

We have also supported the Rotary Adventure Program for secondary students (environmental/history/hi tech/citizenship and leadership). The club has been very active in international youth exchange programs. Many of our members Jack Chong, Joan Patterson, Donna Grant, Gary and Aggie Haydock, Murray Matheson, Jennifer Patelli, Trevor Dagilis, Fred Richmond, Anne Desgagnés, Mark Henley and many others hosted students from New Zealand,

San Salvador, Japan, Finland, Taiwan, Slovakia, France, Columbia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Australia. Both students and sponsors reported very memorable experiences. Since 1985 an equal number of outbound students have explored the world.

In addition in 2016 there was a Study Exchange Group from Paraguay and Argentina for 25-40 year olds and a couple of other groups from France.

Rotex International is an official Rotary group that facilitates Rotary exchange students (inbound and outbound) worldwide with North American Centre in Denver, Colorado and holds a convention each year.


We also support :

Kingston Youth Shelter


Youth Diversion (supported by Kingston Club grant)

Big Brothers and Big Sisters


The Youth Mental Health Project which is a Centennial Project with Limestone Board of Education PASKITS (PAS stands for panic - anxiety - stress support)

Vocational Service - Supplying career information to schools, recognizing local heroes, supporting ROTARACT and INTERACT and initiating Rotary projects with young people

We support F.A.R. (Rotary Facilitator of Alumni) which focuses on Kingston high school graduates of the Pathway to Education program (working in North Kingston in economically poor and disadvantaged areas)

In 1999 Gord Lindsay arranged books to be sent from Kingston to go to University of Technology in Kingston, Jamaica.

In July 2007 the Volvo Youth Sailing World ISAF Championships was supported by our club and guests were housed St. Lawrence College (Russ Phin). In August 2009 the Canada Youth Conference was held.

We continue to support Camp Merrywood under Easter Seals, Ontario. Due to the cost the TELETHON was discontinued by Rotary Kingston but Rotary Kingston club continues to provide leadership and is supported by all Rotary clubs with individual donations to assist disadvantaged and disabled kids. We salute the 2016-17 work done by our members Wayne Spaulding, Roni Fortune and Don Hart to support Easter Seals.


Club Service

Kingston Frontenac Club is a part of District 7040 and from 1999 to the present overall membership declined from 2425 to 1630. Membership in our club has remained steady between 20 and 30 members and presently stands at 30 members. It should be noted that we reached our highest membership level of 55 in 2004 during our largest community project at Rotary Park. We hope to add 3-5 new members in the  next year.  Dues have remained steady over the years as well as meal cost and during Covid many members donated their dinner cost to the club.

Over the years many members have contributed their time, skills and expertise to make the club stronger. In 1999 Bill Bosworth then President of the club campaigned for 20 new members and in 2006 Gord Lindsay then editor of The Bulletin encouraged members to document their meetings and be more professional. In 2010 new member drives were spearheaded by Jim Reid and Joan Patterson. The key to success they emphasized was to remind - remind - remind all members.

New members are the lifeblood of the club and in spite of Covid, in 2021 Daniel Geleyn and Fred Richmond were happy to welcome into the club new members Josie Brady, Trevor Dagilis and Randy Beck all of whom who no doubt will provide future leadership.

Over the years the location of our meetings changed from Travelodge (Ambassador) to LaSalle (Travel Hotel), Aunt Lucy's and Trial venues at Canadian Legion Hall (Montreal Street), Cataraqui Golf Club, Queen's University Club and finally to Smitty ' s. In March 2020 when the World Pandemic was declared we switched to zoom meetings. We all look forward to resuming face to face meetings in the near future.

Over the years communications were successfully driven by Gord Lindsay who for more than 15 years was editor of The Rota Teller . This was interrupted in 2020-21 by Covid and Zoom meetings. Bulletins have been somewhat replaced by periodic Presidential summaries and social media updates. In June 1999 Gord Lindsay sent out a first Rota Teller in PDF format.  Up until that time all communication had been by snail mail. In March 2000 a Kingston Frontenac web page was up and running under ''. In August 2005 Tom Addison introduced a new Kingston Frontenac website called ''. For 2007-8 the club awarded Gord Lindsay (The Best Damn Bulletin Award) for outstanding reporting and quality presentation over 15 years as editor.

In 2017 Murray Matheson started the Club Facebook account and as well today we have twitter and lnstagram plus many useful Rotary websites such as '' - '' -

'' -  '' -  '' and ''  Thanks to Daniel Geleyn and Josie Grady for their work on improving communications.

The Sargeant at Arms role within the club was very active over the last 25 years but was interrupted by Covid. Many fines were levied for devilish fun but always in the support of the club's work.



In the year 2000 members were honoured by the club for their overseas service as volunteers:

Mal Laidlaw - Sierre Leone

Gord Lindsay - CESO and Rotary International (Jamaica)

Dorma Grant - Community Worker and Teacher in Manilla, Phillipines


Since then other members have served in overseas projects:

Gary Haydock - Tanzania

Daniel Geleyn - Tanzania

Joined of course by Peter Morrin who has made many trips to Tanzania and Kenya


In August 2002 Bill Murray presented the GMAC Golf Trophy for the club golf tournament and was competed for over many years. Don Hart and Ron Jeffrey were very active participants.

In 2012 the Bi-Centennial at Fort Henry was celebrated and Murray Matheson addressed the club.

Presently under John Mirski we continue to have excellent speakers from government, community and other Rotary clubs and from our own members. In the first 30 years Prime Minister John Diefenbaker stood out from the rest and in the next 25 year history the 2005 address of Wilf Wilkerson, a Canadian from Trenton, Ontario was memorable. He addressed the club as vice president of Rotary International and trustee of The Rotary Foundation and later became the first Canadian president of Rotary International. During his year as President he would travel to 51 countries.

In 2002 and 2005 the Kingston Frontenac club was awarded The Best Bulletin Award for the District 7040 and was accepted by our editor Gord Lindsay.

December 2006 Bernie Breen and Roy Ford were presented with their charter member pins.

September 2011 Rotary Clubs of Kingston joined forces at the annual CFB Kingston Garrison for the Information-Leisure­ Education Exposition at the KMCSC Fieldhouse. A booth manned by Rotary club members promoted Rotary to new Rotarians including Rotaract and Interact. Organizer for the event was Cheryl Haydock with help at the booth from Paul Charbonneau, Heather Ford and Murray Matheson.

In 2015 Jim Reid was appointed Business Person of the year by the Kingston Chamber of Commerce.



The club continues to be known as the 'fun' club and always celebrates by program and costume special days like Christmas party, Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day and Halloween. In 2003 Gord Lindsay wrote an 'aide' English tribute to outgoing president Joan Patterson and all her assistant s. In May of 2006 the Company of the Cogged Wheel celebrated the club's 40th anniversary with a marvelous editorial by Gord Lindsay. In 2008 on the occasion of Paul Charboneau being inducted as president, Gord articulated the 'Custom of the Company of the Cogged Wheel'. This included Queen Joan the Magnificent (Joan Patterson), Fredrikius of Richmond (Fred Richmond), James the Furniture Merchant (Jim Reid) and Gordonius the Scribe (Gord Lindsay).

As well at the 2014 Christmas Party at the Renaissance event Murray Matheson who was dubbed 'Kingston Frontenac Poet Par Excellence' captured the party in 16 stanzas which remain in our historical records. (see club website)


In August 2009 Jim Reid won the 50/50 and bought drinks for all.

In 2021

March: Mike Moore took the lead in Kingston to organize volunteers to help with the Covid 19 Vaccination program at the lNVISTA Centre Immunization Clinic and has had many volunteers from our club.

May: The Great Lakes Watershed Clean Up started by one Rotary Club in Michigan to clean up the Detroit River spread to their district then to many other districts and clubs along the Great Lakes Waterway System and is now recognized as part of the great environment efforts in the world by Rotary. It was well supported by members of our club and led by Marie Claire Van de Merwe.

November: Fred Richmond will have 42 years of perfect attendance .

The club continues to present excellent speakers via Zoom at our meetings from government, industry, other Rotary clubs and within our membership.

Of the original charter members of 1966 only Bernie Breen remains and continues to attend most meetings and always offers sage guidance.

In spite of Covid 19 restrictions our club managed to have a few outdoor fun activities in 2021 including skating parties, cross country skiing and biking excursions.



Overseas Projects

In 2015 - Peter Morrin organized support for Tanzania

  1. Desks and textbooks for village school on the island of Ukerewe on Lake Victoria.
  2. Rainwater collection system to promote basic hygiene

Murutunguru Community Capitol Centre was refurbished for meetings and storage with local help and our members Peter Morrin, Gary Haydock and Daniel Geleyn.


To help eradicate poverty on the island

  1. Develop an alternative crop
  2. Family based chicken production
  3. Community based financial organization to provide capital for small businesses


Sponsored a rabbit farming project in co-operation with local Rotary club. The goal was to introduce rabbit farming in local schools in order to introduce the students to animal husbandry while providing a stream of income with this alternative food source.

We supported a community garden to the community to introduce the local population to alternative plants and technology. Plans for water sanitation, hygiene and menstrual health projects in schools with help of Rotary clubs are also under development. Most of our club's annual international service budget of $12,000. Is being directed to these projects.

It is worthy to note that a commemorative plaque was installed at the Kabuhinzi Capital School In Tanzania holding the name of Kingston Frontenac Rotary Club.


Rotary Foundation

Our club continues to support the Rotary Foundation District Grants and Global Grants. In 2018 the Rotary Foundation Walk under Murray Matheson and John Mirski raised $13,500. (including a $3,000. Sponsor) with 65 walkers.

In 2002 Fred Richmond reported the world was 99% polio free and in '21 he added that it was now 99.9% free and only a few cases remain in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

In the last 20 years our club has supported approximately 15 Ambassadorial Scholars. We have had 74 applicants with applications from RMC,, Queen's and St. Lawrence College. In 1 year of the only 3 submissions we received all 3 received a scholarship out of the 5 available to the district. In particular one went to a student who is presently a senior executive officer with a major Canadian bank.

We continue to support the Rotary Foundation by contributions from club dues and from members' contribution to the Annual Fund and the Endowment Fund. These funds go to The Foundation through Paul Harris Fellowship Awards - a program started in 1957 acknowledging individuals (Rotarians and non- Rotarians) for their exceptional community volunteer contribution. The club has 73 Paul Harris fellows who have given over $162,000. and 4 benefactors.

2001 - June : Fred Richmond wins the Rotary International Award 4 Pillars of Service for his outstanding efforts.

2002 - November: Jim Reid gets 11 club members to donate $100. per year for 10 years to The Foundation .

2005 - March: Rotary International celebrates 100 Year Anniversary .

            November: Fred Richmond is named ADG.

2007 - Rotary Canada celebrates 100th Year Anniversary.

2008 - January : Fred Richmond became a benefactor with his gift to Rotary Foundation.


In June of 2019 Anne Desgagnés and Trevor Dagilis following a trip to the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg , Germany heard that contributions to the POLIO NOW Matching Gift Program with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation were short of funds. On returning home they offered their own matching gift challenge up to $500 . and encouraged many members of our club including the Kingston club to donate. The result was over $3,100. was raised from the Kingston-Frontenac club alone and probably a similar amount from the Kingston club. Thank you to Anne and Trevor for stepping up.


Concluding Remarks

My credo is Honour the Past, Work the Present and Create the Future or as Fred Richmond said to our club on May 5th 2021 'Better to know where you came from -to know where you are going'.

I hope this history of the Kingston-Frontenac Club will encourage today's members to prepare for an even brighter future to come.

In the last 25 years we have mourned the loss of many of our members including co-founders Joe Watts and Roy Ford. Their great contribution to the club will not be forgotten.

Thank you for the opportunity during Covid 19 isolation to record the club history. I hope it will be added to over the years and that it will provide pride for existing members and attract and engage new members.


Tom Sanderson 
May 6th , 2021