Brazil: Youth Developement (with RC Cordeirópolis)

This joint educational and employment preparation project resulted from a visit of Don P. to the Brazilian club in Sao Paulo state. Empowering high school students who demonstrate financial need with private English classes and social development coaching, preparing them for tertiary education or for entering the business world.

In December 2023, we held a Zoom meeting with RC Cordeirópolis and the language school to align on details. We will sponsor ten students in the program, beginning April 2024. 

The original amount of $ 1,500 previously committed to be reviewed.

RC Cordeirópolis in turn decided to support the South African Blanket Drive with a generous donation. This is the Brazilian club’s first International Service activity.

“Brazil is very pleased with the project we are developing together and very proud to be able to support the Morningside project as well. We have helped them to “open the door” internationally (to Canada and South Africa) and with Youth.” (Don P.).