Speaker Date Topic
Bingo 2:00 p.m.: Daniel/Joan May 26, 2018
Board meeting: 5:00 p.m. May 30, 2018
Bingo 2:00 p.m.: Fred/Jennifer Jun 02, 2018
Party, Pot Luck, Spousal at Jennifer Patelli's Jun 06, 2018
Spousal Night Pot Luck Good by to Joan and Brian at Jennifer Patelli's House - Details to follow
Foodbank collection Jun 06, 2018
Fairmount Bingo/ Volunteers needed. Jun 06, 2018
Fairmount Bingo 1:45 to 3 pm. 15 minutes north of 401 on Montreal Street. A low stress fun event

Bingo runs from 1:45 to 3 pm.  Fairmount homes is located about 15 minutes north of 401 on Montreal Street.  Its a low stress fun event for the residents. Lots of fun and fellowship. Our presence is appreciated by the residents and volunteers of the home.

Dist. International Service Committee Jun 09, 2018
Bingo 2:00 p.m.: Don/Russ Jun 16, 2018
Hikaru Nakanishi: My year as a YEX student Jun 20, 2018
Two items on agenda, Hikaru and Paul Harris Night

Two presentations.  Our own  exchange student speaking about his adventure in Canada, and from the Rotary Foundation, a Paul Harris presentation.

Aggie: 2018-19 strategy, objectives and budget Jun 27, 2018
Bingo 2:00 p.m.: Don/Zully Jun 30, 2018
Artfest Kingston Jun 30, 2018
Artfest Kingston Jul 01, 2018
Artfest Kingston Jul 02, 2018
President's handover Jul 04, 2018
Welcome Aggie!!
Rotary golf and BBQ at The Landings Jul 11, 2018
Spouses invited. If not golfing come for the dinner! See Jack, John or Mike P. for details

Spouses  and friends invited. If not golfing, just come for the dinner!  See Jack, John or Mike P. for details

Rift Camp Jul 18, 2018
Nut Drive Tuesday Sep 04, 2018
Rotary nut drive. Same product as last year. 4-7:30pm.

More details will follow as the committee meets and discusses plans for this year.