Speaker Date Topic
Rift Camp/Round Table at Smittys Jul 18, 2018
Expecting a very small group at Smitty's most will be at Rift Camp USA with Donald???
Shelly Franklin Canadian Cannabis Clinics Jul 25, 2018
What is is medical cannabis, legalization,what to avoid and how to protect yourself as a consumer

Shelly  Franklin  is the Veterans Program coordinator for Canadian Cannabis Clinics.  They are a medical office in Kingston and specialize in medical cannabis. They don't sell anything and don't charge patients who come in to see their doctors.  They recognize tht medical cannabis field and the pending recreational  legalization are hot topics. The largest growing demographic of those who might be interested in medical cannabis are the demographic such as that of our club.  They feel it is very important that seniors have the correcdt information regarding this industry so as not to be taken advantage of.  What the talk will focus on is: what is medical cannabis, what it all means, what to avoid, and how to protect yourself as a consumer.  Medical advice on cannabis is given free by doctors even though there are many "clinics" in kingston that charge for consults. 

Medical cannabis has nothing to do with people gettting high, is is non-psychoative but ahs antiinflammatory, anti-oxidant, anti-spasmodic and anti-convalesant properties.


Board Meeting 5 pm. Jul 25, 2018

Boad meeting every third wednesday of the month  5pm

Cory Watkins Area Manager Heart/ Stroke Foundation Aug 01, 2018
Heart and Stroke work of the Foundation in Kingston -whats new.

Corey Watkins  is the area manager of the heart and stroke foundation.  He is new to Kingston and keen to meet Rotarians, talk about the work of the Heart and Stroke foundation and share some information about research into Heart and Stroke plus advances in treatment.

Amanda Stolk Aug 15, 2018
Indigenous Medical Alliance

Indigenous Medical Alliance is a project under the umbrella of True North Aid designed to support the healthcare needs and requirements of individuals living in our Northern communities.
In Canada, Indigenous peoples face the biggest health inequities compared to their non-Indigenous counter parts. 
Our objective is to help close the gap between government and the people requiring services relating to their health. This includes access to medical equipment that they may not be able to completely afford or locate within their communities throughout northern Canada.

Bruce Higgs Aug 22, 2018
Nepal Rainwater Harvesting Ponds & Panama Water Well projects.

Joan Patterson says " these are projects that Kingston Frontenac has supported for many years.

In fact, as Bruce will show us, we are listed among the donors to a water project on a plaque in Phulbari, Nepal.

It's gratifying to see how far our dollars go in Nepal."

Nut Drive Tuesday Sep 04, 2018
Rotary nut drive. Same product as last year. 4-7:30pm.

More details will follow as the committee meets and discusses plans for this year.

No Meeting Day after Nut Drive Recovery Day Sep 05, 2018