Speaker Date Topic
Mara Shaw Executive Director Loving Spoonful Sep 26, 2018
Loving spoonful update
Marcel Gummerl - Youth Exchange Italy Oct 03, 2018
The Morning Club exchange student is back from Italy with tales of his experience.

The son of a member of the Kingston Morning club, Marcel spent a year in a country we only get to visit for a short period of time on vacation. He got to do it for an entire year. These exchange students really suffer for Rotary! Not.  Looking forward to a great presentation on a great year of adventure.

Noah Patteli Una vida en un ano Oct 10, 2018
Student exchange. My Year in Columbia, glad it wasn't Venezuala

Noah, is our exchange student who spent a year in Columbia.  The son of our own Jennifer Patteli, we heard from her side the worries of a mother who had sent her son to a country we all believed was full of bandits and kidnappers.  From the other side, Noah  was all the while having the time of his life. Now for the first time, KFR will hear from Noah what it was really like to spend a year in Columbia.  A presentation you won't want to miss.

Cynthia Surette Oct 17, 2018
Napanee Club Project Supporting Starving Kids in Rankin Inlet

 Supporting Rankin Inlet.  This is a project of the Napanee Club.

Craig Boals Operations Manager Cataraqui Cemetary Oct 24, 2018
Slide presentation about the history and current challenges of operating the Cataraqui Cemetary.

 I will start with a bit of history about how and why the cemetery was formed  and the  public concerns of 1850.  That would lead me into how we operate today in a highly regulated sector and the impact that those regulations have upon existing family plots,  and perpetual care and succession planning. Scary stuff and not in the way Halloween would make it.

Vicki Smolka on Nature Conservancy Nov 07, 2018
Nature Conservancy - How the Conservancy perserves significant natureal habitats from development
Debbie Barfoot Canadian Blood Services Nov 14, 2018
Blood donation, whats involved, how the blood system works