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Erin Scott Aug 04, 2021
Lyme disease - Kingston is a Lyme Hot Spot. Be prepared!

Good Morning,  My name is Erin Scott and I have Chronic Lyme disease, I am Lyme literate guest speaker in Ontario whose goal is to spread as much information to Canadians as I can. I know first hand how knowledge has the power to change a life, especially when it comes to Lyme disease. I was sick for almost twenty years before I was able to get the treatment that I needed, I want to make sure that others are not waiting two decades to receive life altering treatment. When it comes to Lyme disease fast and effective testing and treatment are truly life saving.  I am currently reaching out to all the Rotary Clubs in endemic and risk areas in Ontario for Lyme disease for two big reasons. The first is because I have seen first hand the deep connection that Rotary Clubs have to their communities, as a kid I was part of the local Early Act Club and I loved it. We cleaned up the river, we raised money to build a school in Afghanistan for girls, and best of all we were able to be a part of something bigger and give back to others. I have seen first hand that the Rotary Club is all about giving back to the community and helping those around them. This is why I would love the opportunity to do a presentation on Lyme disease for your group because I know that the information that I share with you will be extended and shared within your community. The second reason is because I want to help Canadians, my Lyme was found so late in the game that I am now dealing with complications and permanent damage. I am proof of what happens when a person goes years without treatment and I want to help others not end up in that same position. There is so much misinformation about Lyme disease in Canada and this needs to change so that we can better protect ourselves, our loved ones, our neighbors and our communities as a whole.  More information can be found at my website https://movingupandon.com/ and I am happy to answer any and all questions that you may have. Sincerely, Erin Scott

Mike Moore Aug 11, 2021
Rotary District Finance
Robinson Community Garden Aug 18, 2021
Don Mann Sept 18 or 25th to be confirmed Sep 15, 2021
Sinking of Titanic - Don's Mom survived it. Story and unseen new photos

Don's mother Madeleine Mellenger 13 at the time  had been staying in a Church of England Boarding school for girls when Don's grandmother  came to get her to go across to Americal where his grandmother had had aquired a job as a governess for for the Colgate family in Bennington, Vermont. For three days the women enjoyed sitting on the deck chairs and attending dances until the Saturday night sinking.  The ship was given the order to sail full steam ahead through the  Atlantic ice fields as the owners wanted to set a new speed record for crossing the Atlantic to America.......At 11 pm the ladies were awakened by the pounding on the door of the steward..... the rest is history...

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Randy Beck Sep 22, 2021
Classification Talk