Speaker Date Topic
Amanda Gilbert Jan 22, 2020
Queens Office of Partnerships and Innovation
Thanks so much for reaching out! We would love to come and chat with you about the Office of Partnerships and Innovation. We recently just moved into a new space downtown and we are revamping some of our programming as well as adding new programs to our roster. I think coming to speak with the Rotary Club in January would be the best timing.
Club Assembly - Aggies every 6th week update Jan 29, 2020
Elizabeth Bailey Feb 05, 2020
4 Paws Update and introduction of new puppy being trained.

A new dog is being trained and Elizabeth will update the club on its training and the placements of the last dogs our club had a chance to meet.

Barb Parker / Rosalind Helen Tufts Feb 12, 2020
Helen Tufts Child Outreach Program

HI Michael - just following up on our conversation this morning and an interest in speaking to your Rotary group about the Helen Tufts Child Outreach Program.

Alicia Boutilier Interim Director/Chief Curator Feb 26, 2020
Agnes Etherington Gallery - The art world

The  Interim Director/Chief Curator/Curator of Canadian Historical Art, Alicia Boutilier is available to meet on either 26 February  If this works for you. Details to follow 

Club Assembly - Aggies every 6th week update Mar 04, 2020
"Rotary Day in the Brier Patch". Mar 05, 2020
On this day, Rotarians are being asked to volunteer at the Tim Hortons Curling Brier

  March 5, 2020 is "Rotary Day in the Brier Patch" at the Tim Hortons Brier in Kingston. On this day, all Rotarians are being asked to volunteer in the Brier Patch, a huge tent across from the Leon's Centre with entertainment and refreshments.

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