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We meet on Wednesdays at 6:15 pm for dinner
Meeting location:  Smitty's Pancake House
Recent Guest Speakers
A well-known friend to many Rotarians in our area, Bruce Higgs is a dedicated supporter of Rotary International work. He has led countless projects abroad under the Rotary banner. We welcomed him back at our club to hear about the work done in Nepal. Kingston Frontenac Rotary having supported the Nepal rainwater ponds project, it was rewarding to get a progress report. Each pond built displays a Rotary sign. Bruce is leading a Rotary trip in November in Nepal where some of the Rotarians in our area will be able to examine first hand the impact of the project.
Amanda Stolk and Michael Amesse of the Indigenous Medical Alliance introduced their organization to our club. They are passionate about providing support to northern communities by providing medical supplies and services. 
On August 8th, Patricia Enright, Chief Librarian of the KFPL presented to our club. Our library service is undergoing a significant redesign and modernization of its premises but more importantly of it service offering to adapt to the modern needs of our community. Patricia gave us a great overview of the breath of services available to the population. Too many to list here, find out more at 
Cory Watkins, area manager for the Heart and Stoke Foundation, gave us a great presentation. While he did highlight the great activities of the Foundation in terms of advancing research and awareness to save lives, the focus of his presentation was on educating us on the various facets of heart disease. It was very effective. Thank you Cory for making us more aware, and hopefully more ready, to deal with this disease affecting so many Canadians.
On July 25th, Shelley Franklin from the Canadian Cannabis Clinics presented to the Kingston Frontenac Rotary Club. Shelley gave us a great review of how medical cannabis is prescribed and distributed in Canada. She explained the different forms of cannabis prescribed to Canadian suffering from chronic illness. The differences between the medical and the recreational sectors were explained. Thank you Shelley for a very informative session about a topic where great misunderstanding exists at present in advance of the upcoming deregulation of the recreational cannabis segment. 
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